Aze is - End of the Week - 3

Aze is - End of the Week - 3

By Aze B on Friday, August 05, 2011

Hey everyone,

As we reach the end of the week - we look forward to weekend ahead. For most of us to say the least =)

Anyway for a good read this afternoon, here's a summary of some headlines that got my attention during the week.

Til then, have a restful weekend!

Say goodbye to DVD's and CD's

I was reading this article on PCWorld regarding a Flash Drive that can mount ISO's and is completely bootable. Great little dongle to bring around for emergency in installing software on friend's computers. Although it is quite a pricey device. You can read more here

(via PCWorld)

Skype - now you see it, now you don' you see it again!

Skype made a debut on the iPad this week on August 2 (aussie time)....


...then Skype pulled the App from the App Store not long after it was released.

....then it came back! ... the next Day! >.<

If you haven't downloaded Skype for iPad yet - give it a shot and Skype me (Azeness)

(via PCWorld)

Rumour has it...

Apple is on its way in preparing for the launch of 'Replay' for iTunes. A feature that allows you to re-download previous purchases of TV Shows, Movies and Music for free.

It has been said that it may also allow for streaming of these purchased goods. Report says that iTunes Replay will go "public in the coming weeks"

(via BGR)

"Boot" out the oldies. Windows 7 a Shoe in.

If you have Lion and wish to install Windows via Boot Camp (version 4 in Lion), you can no longer install Windows prior to Windows 7.

Personally I'd still go for the virtualisation approach rather than using Boot Camp. But hey what ever floats your boat =). So if you would like to install Vista or XP of the like - you will need to keep Boot Camp 3 when updating to Lion.

(via Macworld)

Any news you'd like to share?
Fill me in with details below!

In the interim

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Lion - Love Hate relationship

Lion - Love Hate relationship

By Aze B on Monday, August 01, 2011

In continuance to an earlier post regarding my experience so far with Lion OS X - I’m starting to get a love-hate relationship with the King of the Jungle.

Surprisingly - I see more bugs occurring on my iMac machine than on my Macbook Pro. I’m not sure whether it has anything to do with the age of the machine or not, or whether Lion really do have bugs in its own way.

But before I start rambling on the negative stuff - allow me to highlight another feature that I came across and solely forgotten about prior to the release. And that’s Resume. Nice little feature that will come in handy in future situations. The most common one that will occur in situations (prior to Lion) is where you run an update and after updating - you forcibly have to restart the computer. Problem? Why yes I do! I have all these other programs running, documents where I haven’t saved, browser tabs left open without saving, and programs closed after restarting.

Resume becomes your saviour in this regard. It saves the current state of your Mac when you shut-down, reboot, or logoff. It even remembers what was the last thing you were working on - last thing highlighted and your programs are found open in the same position on your desktop as you last left it.

Mail has also gone through some major changes - Starting with the user interface and fullscreen layout. I love how Apple have finally taken onboard the use of ‘conversations’ to organise your emails. I’ve loved this feature since Gmail released this. Now I have it in the comfort of all my email accounts.

Now all is good so far with Lion - the love is there. But what about the hate relationship??

Uh Oh....

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve ran into a number of bugs on my Mac, my iMac to be specific and some of these bugs really get to me. Firstly, the wireless connection on my iMac is quite buggy. This involves bluetooth technology and my Wi-Fi. My iMac is normally on sleep while I’m not at home and when I get back on - connection between my bluetooth keyboard and Apple Trackpad is lost (with enough battery power left). I’ve had to use the power button to get my iMac to wake up. But still, I can’t do much can I? Without any of my peripherals being found and establishing a connection. Uh Oh….

Next is the Wi-Fi on my iMac, every time my mac wakes up or is rebooting - it loses it’s ability to automatically find my home network. Even though settings is configured to automatically connect to known networks. But no, my Wi-fi still needs to “look for networks” before I can do anything to make a connection. And why this bug doesn’t apply to my Macbook Pro? beats me lol.. It connects a lot quicker and remembers my network almost instantaneously.

I have also notice the Operating System a little more sluggish and shutting down / rebooting slower.

Oh! One nice neat experience - was AirDrop. When more than one computer are located near each other and they run AirDrop (via Finder), you can instantaneously share files between each other - without needing to do any network configurations or setting up etc. Just be near each other - click on AirDrop and wait ’til you can see each others’ profile pic and simply drag and drop a file to the user. The recipient will receive a notification pop-up saying whether you would like to save and open, decline, or just save the file.

Good feature to eliminate the use of USB file transfer, email transfer, or even via instant messaging.

I’m also having a buggy experience with connecting between devices in a local network. With Snow Leopard, it was a breeze - click on a network computer - ‘connect as’ using the right username and password authentication - and away we go with accessing files on the other computer! Lion somewhat decided to forget what my password was back when I had Snow Leopard and decided to tell me my password is wrong - thus not being able to establish a connection to the other computer. I think I know my own password, Lion.

I’ve tried removing the profile and creating a new one - with new passwords - and full read/write permissions. Hmmm… still decides that I don’t have appropriate access to the shared folders. Is this a limitation or “bug” on Lion - trying to suck me in to get Lion OS X Server? It sure is tempting me to do so.

Ahhh the bugs on my iMac is somewhat holding me back on what I can do at home.. Let’s see whether updates will resolve these issues. *hope*

Nevertheless Awesome features! A lot of adjusting to be made but well worth spending the time to adjust.

I love the new face detection technology on Photobooth.  My family & friends enjoy using the plugins there. :)

Once again, there could be trailing posts regarding Lion as I continue to come across with new features and evidently…new bugs.

Till then.
Peace outs!

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Lion OS X - First Thoughts

Lion OS X - First Thoughts

By Aze B on Friday, July 29, 2011

On the dawn of another working Thursday - I awaken ready to wake a fellow Lion that I’ve been waiting for since the announcement in June.

Prior to encountering this feline I’ve prepped myself up by having the latest Snow Leopard version 10.6.8 to ensure that I get upgraded seamlessly.

Friends & Family give OS X Lion a go which costs only $31.99 via the Mac App Store. And be prepared for over 250 new features since Snow Leopard. In it’s first day of release there were already over 1,000,000 downloads made to Lion.

After I installed Lion on to my computer first change I saw was the login screen - the universe image for a desktop wallpaper and the oval frame of your profile pic - brings you to an environment of what I may say…more galactic than Snow Leopard? LOL.


The next feature that stood out to me and is a favourite feature of mine as of this very moment is Launchpad. Launchpad brings in the iOS look & feel onto your desktop.
What I love about it is the ability to rearrange your apps, organise them into folders, and the simple ease of access to Launchpad via hot corners.

Launchpad help me reveal lost apps that I forgot I had and allowed me to reinvigorate the potential of those apps. Now the apps that I find useful on a daily basis is found on the first page of my Launchpad.

Mission Control. What’s this you may ask? Mission Control is much like Spaces - but pimped up…so-to-speak
Mission Control provides you an overall view of all current apps running and a line of ‘desktops’ or workspaces that you may have. This then gives you the ability to organise your programs into the different workspaces. Moving, rearranging, and viewing applications have never been easier - once you get the hang of it.

OS X Lion also comes with a whole range of new gestures. Prior to Lion, I was using a third-party app called Jitouch. Although while it was running in the background, it was taking up a lot of system resources - my RAM sky-rocketed while it was running - thus resorted me to not completely take advantage of the software. Now it’s in Lion and I’m enjoying at how these gestures are used.

Swipe Away

One particular gesture I enjoy using is the four-finger swipe. This gesture allows me to switch between desktops/workspaces and the transition between desktops is flawless and such a joy to see every time I switch desktops.

I’d go to the extent of providing you info on the rest of the new gestures - but you can read a nice overview of what’s out there via Apple's website.

Another little feature which I consider as... what you may call... a love hate relationship. And that’s reverse scrolling. I can safely say that this is a feature that someone will truly hate - or really love using. Reverse scrolling allows you to scroll much like how you swipe on an iPhone or iPad. So switching to a desktop on the right will cause to swipe left using four-fingers. Now this is a GREAT feature if you use iOS devices more often than desktops. But if you’re so used to scrolling how you normally do with a mouse and/or trackpad then this may cause you some time to get used to - if not, just cause great grief and frustration. I understand that Apple is trying to blend the iOS environment with the OS X environment - and I do understand the concept especially when it comes to switching desktop workspaces - or scrolling down on a full screen app like mail or your browser. But it becomes an annoyance on little environments like individual panels in Photoshop for example, that require scrolling - or iframes on a website which makes it more confusing in scrolling.

With this feature - I believe the adjustment is more of a mental thing. If you can imagine the trackpad being the desktop - then you’ve got the scrolling at the palm of your hands and your desktop has become an iOS environment. I on the other hand, have trouble making it second nature, as I use a Windows environment in the workplace. I’ve accidentally scrolled like an iOS on my Windows desktop actually ^_^. So it just causes more confusion to my way of navigation.

Although... I still choose to use Reverse Scrolling.

I think I’ve covered some features in this post and I’ll continue to make reviews on features as I come across them :)

In the interim, if you have Lion, and have played with the features I’ve mentioned above, feel free to leave your feedback and thoughts with OS X Lion and its features.

Peace outs!

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App Choice 2 - Sleep Cycle

App Choice 2 - Sleep Cycle

By Aze B on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ever have trouble waking up in time? Or finding the energy to even get out of your bed? I know I do!

I’ve been using an alternative Alarm app called Sleep Cycle. An ex-colleague of mine recommended me this app, and I must say - it actually works at a considerable extent.
Sleep Cycle is a great app to wake up peacefully.
In my personal experience I have trouble getting up in the morning especially running 10 minute snooze intervals for about an hour. And even after all that snooze I just end up feeling crap first thing in the morning. LOL
Friends have also advised that we should be waking up on our first alarm and not activate snooze - to get most of our energy for the rest of the day. But honestly, I can’t…! LOL I just can’t get up.

Sleep Cycle on the other hand changes the way you wake up by analysing your sleeping pattern from the night and calculating a snooze pattern to help wake you up feeling great!
It “creates a 30 minute Wake-up Phase that ends at your desired alarm time”.

We, as humans have different states of sleep that range from deep sleep to light sleep. What Sleep Cycle theoretically does, is wake you up in your lightest sleep state. It analyses your sleeping pattern using iPhone’s accelerometer as you place your phone on your bed beside your pillow.

The only downfall with the app is that it doesn't run in the background. There have been times where I end up pressing the home button when the alarm goes off which then forces the program to quit and in result, having no wake-up phase taking place.

You can choose a range of ringtones to wake you up (depending on mood your in) and it also gives you a graph of your supposed sleeping pattern for the night in which you can share via Facebook.

If you can spare $1.19 off your iTunes account then I recommend this App. Download it, use it for a couple of weeks and come back here and let me know your thoughts =) If you have it already then let me know =)

I’d love to hear what other people think about this App.


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Back again LOL

Back again LOL

By Aze B on Friday, June 17, 2011

Ok so I have been MIA for a couple of months now haven't I? ><

I apologise for not regularly committing to the blog. It has been quite a hectic couple of months by the way. LOL
Currently working on 3 major projects - which has taken up most of my online time.

As of this sentence I am currently on my lunch break writing something for you all =)

I'm excited for what I have to show once these 3 websites go live ^^. Can't really say much at the moment for privacy purposes but it's surely something worth looking forward to =)

So just wanted to make a quick post saying that I'll be back on this site. Making time for it on a more regular basis to update you all on technology and random Mumbo Jumbo =)

So who's looking forward to OS X Lion? or to say the least, iOS 5?
What stood out for you? And what's excited you?

Me on the other hand can't comprehend what amazing features Lion will show and the enhancements that iOS5 have to offer. There's a lot out there - so share your thoughts!

Here comes iMessaging through the iPad! lol

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Doodle Jump two point oh

Doodle Jump two point oh

By Aze B on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The long wait is over! Doodle Jump two [point] oh is now available for download. 

It was released on the 29th of March. So, If you're a Doodle Jumper, get onto your App Store now and get jumping!

For those who don't know, version 2.0 allows you to play Multiplayer Race. Play with your friends on Game Center via Wi-Fi and race to see who is the best doodle jumper!

To help me test out this feature with as many different people possible, add me up on Game Center. username: Azeness

Prior to this update, Doodle Jump allowed you to play 'HOP' to celebrate Easter (really really early IMO) but also to celebrate the release of "Hop the Movie".


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Why I love Apple

Why I love Apple

By Aze B on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Im an Apple maniac and a loyal fan. Although, I wouldn't say I'm over-biased (if that's a word) - as I do disagree with some of the practices and level of quality lately with certain things. Lets not go there for now... =)

But what makes me love the shiny silver fruit is the products it produces and the Operating System that comes with it.

As most of you know, I have recently purchase the latest generation of the Macbook Pro - the 15" 2.0ghz i7 CPU to be specific. Now.. at home, the place is quite loaded with a healthy supply of fruits. I'm currently utilising a 27" iMac, 2 x Apple TV's, an Airport Extreme, iPhone 4, and of course, the Macbook Pro. And the way these devices work together is, in my opinion, FLAWLESS. 

So Why do I love Apple? One word... Simplicity.

It took me approximately less than half an hour to setup my Macbook Pro and getting it up to par in becoming a resourceful "Web Designer's" laptop.  I wanted my laptop to be setup and working like my iMac (As a designer you would want a "portable version" of your home computer - for use when you are out an about). One of the greatest tools that helped out in "mimicking" my iMac was MobileMe.


Now.. I know that MobileMe may not be an ideal solution in terms of Cloud syncing - I'm not a big fan of iDisk, in my opinion - syncing is slow and sometimes buggy. But everything else regarding MobileMe is what made my Macbook Pro up to par.

All I needed to do on my iMac at home was tick certain options that I wanted to sync - or in this case, pass on to my Macbook Pro. Then i activated MobileMe on my MBP - my signatures in Mail, Keychains, Calendars, and Mail Accounts all appeared onto their respective software and preferences on my MBP. *I'm only 10 minutes or so into turning on my laptop*.
There's another syncing preference on MobileMe and that's syncing the dock. AWESOME!
All pre-installed Apps on my MBP get rearranged and ordered the same way as it does on my iMac. From there you can start seeing what you "frequently used" apps are missing on your dock.

This is where my next stage comes in. The Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store

The beauty about the Mac App Store, is the ability to install the same apps you have purchased on your iTunes account, to another computer - at no extra cost or licensing.
Now, the new version of Snow Leopard comes with the Mac App Store pre-installed, so all i needed to do was setup my iTunes on my MBP and setup the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID from my iMac. Once done, simply download your "purchases" from the Mac App Store, and voila! you have apps that your iMac has. and if its on the dock on your iMac, it'll then appear and be ordered the same way onto your MBP.

I'd say this about 20 mins now?
But wait... there's still more apps missing?
Oh yeh! As a Web Designer, you'd figure you'd need to download all the major browsers for testing purposes. Ok! lets download Chrome, Firefox, & Opera. If you use Google Sync, get that going! Chrome comes with built in syncing, based on your google account. It syncs your bookmarks, passwords, themes, and add-ons across your computers that uses Chrome. You can get going in importing bookmarks for Firefox too! and voila! your browsers are set! Decide now on which one you want as your default browser.

Not long to go right?
Ok I'm sure there're a few apps missing, so get going on Google and start downloading. VLC, TextMate, FileZilla, just to name a few. Oh and don't forget Dropbox of course! Your shared 'working' files becomes available to you in an instant.

Now comes the little plugins that you would use to help make life a litte easier for your macbook. I use iStat for monitoring purposes, Perian for video codecs.

Ok so maybe half an hour was a little tight but nonetheless the beauty of Mac is the simplicity of getting things up to par and synchronised based on 'shared' settings.

This is just a "few" things that will help get a Mac up to par. Like Migration Assistant.

This is why I love Apple.

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