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"Why not share it? --
not just to my friends but to the wider network ."
Aze is... a whole heap of mumbo jumbo

Aze is - an accessible little website where friends and fans can simply read the latest "mumbo jumbo" regarding technology, apple products, design, and random food for thought in the eyes of Aze (thats me!).

On a daily basis, I do a fair bit of reading on a range of blogs to help keep me updated with the latest web trends and technologies. And often I tend to update my friends, when the next software update comes for the Mac or iPhone, or when I randomly share thoughts on certain topics. People tend to ask me "what are your thoughts on this?" or "when is this gonna release?", "is it good?"

That's when I thought, why not share it? -- not just to my friends, but to the wider network. Let me do all the work for you -- By reading, getting updated, and then, sharing what stands out and what's worth knowing in regards to design & technology.

I must admit, I'm quite an Apple fan, and I love sharing the great experience I have with its products. And I may tend to get biased... sorry. LOL

What you will also find in this website, is my online portfolio, outlining the work I've done, and a way to contact me, if ever you feel like harassing me....or to hire me. =)

So feel free to follow me on twitter or facebook so you can be notified of all the latest news and random 'mumbo jumbo'

Peace outs!